“I don’t think I even realised some of the self-limiting beliefs I had and I didn’t know how to sort through some of my feelings.

It’s been a wonderful experience and I value the time and energy that you have put into our sessions so much. You always says it’s me doing the work and while I can see that for sure, our sessions have always been skilfully and compassionately guided by you and I couldn’t have had the insights I have had without that.”

— hannah p.

“I’ve had a number of coaching sessions with Gem and have experienced positive mindset shifts. Having the space to explore my thoughts, feelings, goals and potential actions has brought me much clarity and increased confidence. Having quality thinking time has introduced greater focus and increased peace about decisions I’ve made going forward. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coaching and would recommend it to anyone who values the self-exploration journey.”

— crystal s.

“I thank Gem for being kind and a great listener. She is very articulate and a great coach to have worked with. She really helped me whilst I was going through a stage of self-doubt and uncertainty.”

— katie b.

“Thanks very much for your time, Gem. I feel like you have set me on a ‘course’ and I feel generally more positive about my current position. It [my job] may not be right forever but for now this process has helped me to break the circle of negative feelings I had developed towards it, and empowered me to make changes for the better.”

— sarah s.

“I had a number of tasks ahead of me which seemed so enormous I couldn't work out where to start, or how to go about it, and I was stuck.

Bloody wonderful! It's really helped me to feel less alone and to break things down into steps and be a bit less hard on myself/unrealistic.”

— esther l.