Hey, I’m Gem!

I help LGBTQ+ folks and allies to reclaim their personal power and take up space so that they can impact the world in ways they have only dreamt of.

I’m a transformational coach, EFT and Matrix practitioner, mentor and body liberation activist. I’m also queer, fat positive, an intersectional feminist and Mum to two free-range children.


Self-Empowerment Coaching

Discover the inner resources you never knew you had and start taking up space in the world as the empowered person you deserve to be.

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Body Liberation Coaching

Tell diet culture where to go and start your quest for body liberation. Life is about so much more than trying to shrink yourself.

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Coaching for Activists

Supercharge your activism so that your work can have maximum impact, whilst taking care of yourself to navigate burnout.

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Queers & Co.

Queers & Co. zine

The very first issue of the Queers & Co. zine has landed! I’m so excited to share with you stories of self-empowerment and body liberation from some excellent and inspiring contributors. Download Issue 1 now!

“I don’t think I even realised some of the self-limiting beliefs I had and I didn’t know how to sort through some of my feelings.

It’s been a wonderful experience and I value the time and energy that you have put into our sessions so much. You always says it’s me doing the work and while I can see that for sure, our sessions have always been skilfully and compassionately guided by you and I couldn’t have had the insights I have had without that.”
— Hannah P.

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Facebook community

We are a social justice-focused network where queer folk and allies can connect, collaborate and drive social change. A kick-ass group of humans passionate about supporting each other, body liberation, intersectional feminism, sex positivity, checking our privelege and taking up all the space. A desire to smash the patriarchy is also encouraged but by no means compulsory!