What is working with me like?

As your coach, I am your companion and cheerleader who will walk alongside you in your quest to reclaim your personal power and start living authentically.

Coaching is one of the most powerful conversations you will ever have. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, our work together might also include EFT (Tapping), Matrix Reimprinting, visualisation, brainstorming, body work and lots more.

Unlike some other therapies, coaching is an equal relationship defined by empathy, safety, confidentiality, non-judgement, honesty, reflection and humour. I know that you are creative, resourceful and whole, and as such, will at no time try to fix you, but will instead help you to rediscover the untapped and infinite resources you have within.

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As an activist, my work is rooted in social justice. I am aware of the oppression and microaggressions faced by people existing in marginalised bodies and communities. I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from transformational coaching but recognise that a whole range of factors can limit people’s ability to take it up. If your financial situation is a barrier to working with me, please get in touch and let’s talk.