Book a complimentary EFT Breakthrough Session

If you’re ready to explore how EFT and Matrix Reimprinting can support you in resolving emotional or physical issues and making deep and lasting changes in your life, I would like to offer you:

A complimentary EFT Breakthrough Session

In this 30-minute one-to-one safe, non-judgemental and confidential consultation via Zoom/telephone, I will support you to:

  • Create a sense of clarity around the issue you’d like to work on

  • Find out the essential steps for getting where you want to go

  • Discover the challenges, obstacles and roadblocks that could get in your way

  • Complete the consultation by reflecting on what to do next and share any resources I feel you might benefit from

This is not a sales pitch and there is absolutely no obligation to work with me further.  This is a genuine offer for me to support you one-to-one. If during our session I see there is a really good match between any further help and support you might need going forward and what it is I do, then I will take 5 minutes at the end of this session to briefly describe where I see this match and answer any questions you have. 

You see, I only offer one-to-one EFT & Matrix Reimprinting to people I've spent time getting to know in my breakthrough sessions, and only if there is a great match. These breakthrough sessions give you great value, and help me to really get to know you and see whether I could help you.

My situation was overwhelming, stressful and I felt trapped. Working with Gem was easy, comfortable, effective and a pleasure. I feel at peace with the dilemma I came to Gem with even though the outcome was not as I desired.

I am very grateful to Gem for her skill in expertise! Often we go into a situation thinking we understand it but in truth we only understand a part of it. There is usually a lot more going on. It takes someone with Gem’s skills to uncover the missing pieces and work with them to fully clear and heal the situation.
— Sarah S.