Body Liberation Coaching


Are you stuck in a cycle of dieting, losing and gaining weight, restricting and bingeing? Are you putting your life on hold until you reach that “perfect weight” or dress size?

Are you eternally getting yourself “beach body ready”, losing weight before AND after the festive period? Are you waking up promising yourself that today will be the day you stick to your “food goals”, only to go to bed beating yourself up for failing, or feeling you don’t have enough will power?

Perhaps you’re exhausted by the stigma that comes from existing in a marginalised body, sick of other people having opinions about your “health” and wishing they didn’t affect you so much

I know what you’re going through, this was my life for over two decades. I’m here to tell you this is bullshit. Your life doesn’t have to be like this. You deserve to take up space in the world exactly as you are.

Despite what you may have been told, your body does not determine your value as a human. It is the way through which you exist in and experience the world, rather than being the sum total of your existence and most importantly, it’s not your fault that you think and feel this way about yourself.

Through 1:1 coaching and mentoring I empower people like you to:

  • Escape diet culture and make peace with your body

  • Reconnect with your body and become attuned to what it wants and needs

  • Feel empowered, confident and free to take up space in the world

  • Remove limiting beliefs

  • Stop putting your life on hold and do the things you want to do right now

Gem Kennedy - Body Liberation

Next step?

Before working with a new 1:1 client, I always like to offer a complimentary Body Liberation Breakthrough Session to ensure there is a great fit between the life you’re looking to create and the work I love to do.

Book your complimentary Body Liberation Breakthrough Session here.

“It’s been a wonderful experience and I value the time and energy that you have put into our sessions so much. You always says it’s me doing the work and while I can see that for sure, our sessions have always been skilfully and compassionately guided by you and I couldn’t have had the insights I have had without that.”
— Hannah P.

Please note, if you are experiencing an active eating disorder, then sadly this programme isn’t for you. For information and support, please visit Beat.